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Hunting Area Information: Mozambique

Big Game Hunting in Mozambique

We now offer a 100,000+ acre Buffalo and Plains game concession in Mozambique. Due to the large demand for buffalo from many of you the legendary Mahimba Concession in Eastern-Central Mozambique is now part of JP Kleinhans Safaris.

This concession is one of the finest big game hunting destinations in modern day Africa. Mahimba, due to its history of good management and remote location is truly an oasis for buffalo and other big game. Another contributing factor in the  exceptionally high concentration of game is that due to the dampness of the soil, which leads to foot rot in Lion, Leopard and Hyena, there is a total absence of these large predators. In short, most buffalo and plains game youngsters born here grow to be mature trophy adults.

This concession is privately owned, and flanked by two rivers which form it natural boundaries, thus there is no need for fences. Access to the remote camp is by a short 50 minute charter flight from Beira . This is Africa a la Ernest Hemingway.  Please take note that unlike many other outfitters that charge between $1500-2000 for Charter flights, these flights are at a set fee of $900 roundtrip. The camp is outfitted with several Toyota Landcruisers which are brought across the river on a barge at low tide at the beginning of the season.

The Mahimba quota for the 2008 season is set at: 25 Buffalo, 10 Sable, 20 Waterbuck, 20 Common Reedbuck, 15 Chobe Bushbuck, 40 Warthog, 8 Bushpig, 10 Crocodiles and 2 Hippos.

The pictures below will give you an indication of last years buffalo quality. These are but a few of the many hundreds of buffalo that occur on this concession. Most of the species available are of fantastic trophy quality. The previous strict management has ensured that only a select few trophies are shot every year ensuring that the average quality of trophies is exceptional.

Rest assured that the camp is one of the most spectacular hunting camps in Africa, considering its remote location. It is fully equipped and caters for every hunters or their companions needs. Chalets are set in a lush tropical garden, with lawns and walkways connecting the individual units.

We are in the process of putting together a short pilot DVD which will be of great interest for  those of you serious about hunting in Mozambique in the near future. We encourage you to inquire about a hunt in Mozambique and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about hunting with us there.

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