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Safari Preparation


  • Hunting or hiking boots – already broken in!
  • Fanny pack or backpack to carry cameras, daily items you will use out in the field.
  • Comfortable camp or tennis shoes
  • Socks – 3 pair
  • Underwear – 3 pair
  • Hunting shorts – 2 pair – we have daily laundry service – camo is okay, as are dull colors such as khaki or olive.  No bright colors or white for hunting!
  • Long trouser – 2 pair – we have daily laundry service – camo is okay, as are dull colors such as khaki or olive.  No bright colors or white for hunting!
  • Medium weight hunting jacket
  • Long sleeve hunting shirts – 2 each
  • Short sleeve hunting shirts – 2 each
  • Rain jacket
  • Warm sweater
  • Hunting hat – I prefer baseball style but, whatever is comfortable (same rule applies regarding light colors or white).
  • Pajamas
  • Traveling clothes – 1 pair
  • Leather gloves – 1 pair – Take at least 1 pair of working gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal toiletries / shaving kit
  • Tweezers – lots of thorns in Africa!
  • Insect repellent – bugs are not a problem but, a small can is good insurance.
  • Lip balm – very important!
  • Visine eye drops
  • Sun block
  • Sinus medication
  • Tylenol
  • Dramamine – This is suggested if you are prone to car or air sickness.
  • Lotion
  • Small flashlight
  • Small talcum powder

Pack for a PurposeWe are also a supporter of the Ithemba Family Support Center which services the community of Tokyo Sexwale, Pellsrus and Ocean View. Their mission is to provide a place of hope and safety for children in the local community. If you would like to help us support Ithemba, please consider bringing some much needed items to donate while on your visit to JP Kleinhans Safaris. Click here for information on how you can donate.



  • Current Passport
  • Tickets & reservations – Read reservation instructions such as early confirmation times, check-in and departure times CAREFULLY!
  • Cash
  • Travelers checks if you are nervous about cash.
  • Personal checks for trophy fees/safari cost.



  • Rifle:  SUGGEST 270 CALIBER OR HIGHER.*NOTE:  Please check with airlines on requirements for traveling with firearms!
  • Ammunition
  • Binoculars – 1 pair for each person.  Not just shooters.  Buy or borrow a good pair of at least 8X or 10X – not the tiny compact models.
  • Ear plugs – For the airplane ride when you are trying to rest and for sighting in your gun.
  • Gun cleaner – 1 can
  • Hard gun case that will lock, with your name and address on it.



  • Good 35 mm camera and lots of film or high quality digital camera.  Bring more film than you think you will use – you can always use it at a later date.
  • Extra battery for camera/flash
  • Video camera with charger and plenty of tape.
  • Good supply of reading material in your carry-on baggage for the long flight over or for use in camp.  The flight is very lengthy – books, cards, magazines, etc…


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